Prima di tutto...

Per favore, prima di decidere di contattarmi, considera quanto segue:
-* usa la criptazione
-* se possibile, utilizza i contatti anonimi
-* se cerchi risorse o altro, controlla il forum
-* se cerchi informazioni, controlla il blog

Info di contatto

Mi puoi contattare ai seguenti riferimenti:
-* tramite mail:
-* tramite jabber/XMPP:
-* prendi la chiave PGP qui

Claim for a free torDrive Account!

Well, torDrive is completely free, so if you want to register an account you just need to ask for it.
Anyway we wish to inform you about few things, please read it carefully before to precced with the request.

Human Verification

We need to verify you are an human, any activation need an action by the staff. Basically, we just need to receive an email from you, within your request, we will send you a reply with a random text, and you need to reply with an answer.

How do we use your mail address?

We will store you're email address into a private and encrypted list. We will not sell your mail to a third part, nor we will use your mail for spam or third part messages. We will use it only for communications between the Darknet Project DEV-team (this service is hosted and provided by the Darknet Project: army5upsnqx4pvuc.onion) and you.
This communications will include: technical updates, technical reasons, promotion of our hosted services, offers and newsletter.
We will not accept illegal contents on our storage. If that, your account will be erased with no advice.

Proceed with the Request

If you agree with that, just write to us, you can use a normal mail, also an .onion mail service. write to:
-* if you send from any mail
-* tordrive@fuacantanj2vhfpw.onion use this if you use services working only on tor such torbox, volatile and similar

ATTENTION: We always reply to any mail, so if you don't receive any reply in 2/3 days, just contact us again, maybe using a different mail address.