If you still have an AnonyMail account, and you need SMTP/IMAP settings, follow this:

Clear connection, Clear servers (accepting incoming Tor connections):

Tor hidden service, Tor connection (accepting only Tor connections):
#1SMTP: 4evd7o4drggxvnh6.onion:25
#1IMAP: 4evd7o4drggxvnh6.onion:143
#2SMTP: fuacantanj2vhfpw.onion:25
#2IMAP: fuacantanj2vhfpw.onion:143

If you need a tutorial, you can find an illustrated guide about AnonyMail here (it's a pdf): How to setup a mail client using the tor hidden services, and how to use anonymail"
To login the AnonyMail, use the following: