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Welcome to the Darknet Project official site/blog/store

Here you will find the latest news about DNP, its activities and much more. Trough our small store, you’ll also be able to buy our products, such anonymail, alienet server Keys, and our modded hardware. For any info or request, you can contact us: syst3k@anonymail.tech

For any need, you can take our public pgp here

Looking for alienet or anonymail?

Alienet and AnonyMail belongs to the Darknet Project, a famous project, with many volunteers from all over the world.

What’s this site?

This site will collect many useful info, tutorials, guides, offers and many news from the DNP world, community and platforms. A Little store is up, for many reasons: All this projects has a cost, and since we have no donors, we are out from any powership fight, out of any political contest, we need to raise funds to keep our projects alive.


The DNP, with its services, is serving more than 1000 clients from all over the world, 900 of them are using our services for free: We are supporting this minor projects and groups, in order to give them a chance. The DNP is also a nice sources point, our staff is one of the most skilled about security, privacy, and our knowledges are raising the top of available from the free world.

Minor Projects

The Darknet Project also support and develop many other projects from our community and our users:

(you need Tor to visit this links)