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If you won’t buy AnonyMail by the store (due to avoid js use), you can write to: and talk in private with the staff. you can take the public pgp key here to send us an encrypted message. (don’t miss to attach or link your pgp too to receive an encrypted reply)

AnonyMail is an anonymous mail system to protect your privacy and your identity.
It allows anyone to send and receive mails from anyone,  via webmail (you can login from normal web site or by tor hidden service)  or with an email client directly from your PC, using also the Tor hidden service with a client correctly configured to work with tor. (TB=Thunderbird+Torbirdy plugin).

After 1 year of beta testing, with 1000 +/- activations (free accounts with some limitations) AnonyMail is ready to became a professional product.

With one of the highest security standards, with advanced tools and instruments for your messaging activities, AnonyMail offers one of the best anonymous experience available on international panorama: Webclient available on clear web or directly from our Hidden Service (serving also in Tor network), with the opportunity to set your mail client directly from your pc using the Tor hidden services, and not only the Tor proxy.

AnonyMail cost is very very low, just € 2,50 per month, and you can buy it directly from this store.  We are at your disposal for any info or request at the following mail address:

To order AnonyMail you can visit the store, this is the link for the AnonyMail offers. Enjoy!

To know more about AnonyMail, visit the site:

If you still have an AnonyMail account, and you need SMTP/IMAP settings, follow this:

Clear connection, Clear servers (accepting incoming Tor connections):

  • SMTP:
  • IMAP:

Tor hidden service, Tor connection (accepting only Tor connections):

  • SMTP: 4evd7o4drggxvnh6.onion:25
  • IMAP: 4evd7o4drggxvnh6.onion:143

If you need a tutorial in how to, this is what you need (illustrated)

How to login? If you wish to login by the webmail, you can by following this links: