Get in Touch

Use Encryption!
We strongly recommend to use encryption for communications. Know that this site belongs to Retr0Net, Old School Guy...visit it. (this is a tor link)

You can take the PGP key here. (this is a tor link)

Remember to send us your Public PGP too, in order to receive an encrypted reply. For any info about services, or any other kind of request, i'm glad to reply you from this mail addresses:

-- retr0net@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion

IRC & WebChat

We are glad to inform you that we are sitting into an IRC channel in order to provide a quick and fast contact. Even if we continue to recommend to use encryption (with mail) if you really can't wait try to join IRC.
This is the link for the webchat: army5upsnqx4pvuc.onion:9090, channel #retr0net

If you use an IRC client correctly configured with Tor Proxy(like hexchat, xchat, pidgin, irssi and similar) you can connect:

-- Server: army5upsnqx4pvuc.onion
-- Ports: 6661(plain) 9999(ssl)

If you're in serious trouble (:D) at this link (this is a tor hidden site, you need tor browser to visit it) you will find all info and also a "ready-to-use" webchat frame, it will connect automatically to the channel #retr0net, you just need to write your nickname and click on the "Connect" button. That's all.