R2G: the edge of cybersec

Welcome to R2G. Our company course comes from the OpenSource's world, with more than 20 years of experience, our know-how is grewed on field, and our idea of business store and protect ethical concepts like privacy right, freedom of speech...


We're glad to present one of most importan mail service on privacy and cybersec panorama. Available for anyone, AnonyMail claims to be one of the securest mail service, with one of the highers security standards...


"Alienet is a VPN based hidden network". After 2 years of beta-testing, with more than 2000 testers, Alienet revealed 0 vulns...

The Darknet Project

aka DNP is at the moment one of the most important worldwide projects related to the privacy and cyber security in the OpenSource panorama

We are the Future!

Our job is to provide a fully customized IT platform for our customers and partners.

Our passion is to provide original and unique hardware, enriched with a complete suite of secure, anonymous and powerfull services shared (or not) in clouds, protected with the highest security standards...

Bear into the OpenSource World, today R2G aka DNP is a great and solid company. The passion, the real engine of our job, is touchable in all our products and services. A team with more than 20 years of experience, a nice history in the opensource panorama, are just the edge of a long story, based on respect, friendliship and passion.


Our Labs are always open, and our main activity is developing and research. We work to increase cyber security, basing protocols and ideas on a simple concept: anyone should be able to access it.

We really care much about the ethical way to developing, our techs and our services put attention on the final users: you are the center around which we develop our ideas

Computer Vision and Hardware Developing

Sell a "clear" hardware is a job. Sell an unique hardware, developed around a specific idea is our passion.

Our laboratories are constantly researching and developing hardware components that combine design with unique and unobtainable features. Creativity and the realization of concepts are the basis of our experimentation.

A New Internet, A New World

Today, our services and our development, are pointing all our efforts in the realization of a new internet. The Alienet hidden network is the perfect example of what we're talking about. We don't use internet. We create your own internet.

Cyber Security and Privacy are at the edge of our ideas. The "World" we want is a world where people is free. We don't want an ordinary internet, we want an extraordinary way to use it!

Software and Web Services Development

We create from scratch the softwares, the tools and the systems for our devices. Our official devices are ready to let you enjoy the power of our hardware(combined with our services) in a comfortable environment where your privacy and your data security are at the edge.

DNP Store & Stocks

We have an active market, in wich we sell products, services and stocks. Not only, we provide interesting quotes becoming from the grey markets (OTC), unique hardware solutions, and our special products.

Fast shipping all over the world, flexible payment solutions (Bank Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoins) and a nice warranty to save and protect your devices and to give you always the best possible solution for your life, your work and your ideas.