DNP Jabber/XMPP server: how to connect

The Darknet Project is glad to offer for free to all its users a secure and anonymous jabber service. To receive an account, just use the Contact Page, there are many ways to contact us and ask for an account

How does it works, and how to connect?

The DNP jabber server is very safe and very secure, it offers a normal jabber account(able to work as a classic jabber), giving the opportunity to use a tor hidden service to connect the server, instead to connect to a clear web domain, this force any user, to use the tor proxy, this is one of the safest way to use jabber.

Once received the account's credentials, to connect, you just need to follow this 3 steps:

- Install and Run the Pidgin client, download it from the site:www.pidgin.im
- Naturally, you need to run the Tor Proxy
- Once done, just follow this guide (it's a PDF file), useful for Windows and Linux users

That's All! Enjoy!