Free Hosting

Since we love opensource, we provide free hosting and shell for our customers. This is the specs:

-- Unlimited Space
-- Remote Shell
-- SSH and SFTP connection
-- Exclusive .onion domain
-- Personal home folder
-- NO databases are provided by default

More info about Free Hosting

Know that you will not run your site into a personal VPS, what we offers is a remote shell into a shared system. For "shared" we mean that your site and your space is your own, but into the same system there are also other users.
This is not dangerous, but one more opportunity to get in touch with more people (especially if you spend many time connected to the server)

Do you need a simpler solution?

If you just need a remote hosting, know that you don't need to be a talented terminal user, we can provide you a simpler solution:

-- WebDav Access protected with password
-- Online text editor (recognizing more than 40 programming languages)
-- Common Function to manage your space such: create/rename/delete/upload/download folders and files and similar

Professional Solutions

Generally we are used to fully customize your service, on the base of your need and your requests. That means we can create for you the server "ready-to-use"; we can set up various kind of servers (web servers, mail servers with webmail access and SMTP/IMAP, IRC servers, Forums, Markets, Blogs, Internet TV, Tor VPN, Web Radio, VoIP servers, and all your mind can imagine....)


We have a vaste range of hardware, ready to answer any request. Our VPS are virtual machines, hosted on real servers with real racks, any server has 4 racks within 4TB hard drive. Any server is encrypted and uses a phisycal network proxy server before to connect the real internet (or the router as you prefeer)
All the traffic is encrypted with 4096bit pem key, we run an intranet VPN, to connect the machines between. We don't run private or internal DNS (we use plain text files in hosts instead a DNS).
Our solution is one of most secure and safe.
You can ask not only for Tor servers or whatever you wish, we can provide you also Freenet, I2P, OnionCat servers. We don't provide static/public IPs.

This is the list of available Operative Systems:
-- Debian 8
-- Debian 9
-- Windows XP (cracked)
-- Windows 7 (cracked)
-- Kali Linux

If you have special requests about Os, just ask. Remote Desktop (under tor) is available for the following: Debian 9, Kali Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7

Placing an Order

We don't have at the moment a pricing list or similar, prices are done on the base of your requests. Start by contacting us, use the contacts available on Contact page.
Send us an email, and take care to inform us about your needs. If you still have an idea of needed configuration, just tell us. We are open to provide any kind of info.