Welcome to UnionIRC (a Darknet Project service!)


Webchat is supportnig SSL. You can also embed the webchat, pointing directly to your favourite channel, into your site.

Welcome to UnionIRC.
UnionIRC is one of the ancient IRC server in tor, one of the securest and it's cross platform: it's available in tor, clear net and i2p.
During this years, it becomes a place in wich to meet programmers, coders, computer enthusiastic and its community is famous to be one of the more friendly around the IRCs.

We are providing also Services, to register and protect nicknames and channels.
Know how to connect UnionIRC:
UnionIRC also provides webchat. clear web or tor, both including SSL, see the menu on your left, to know more about webchat.

Absolutly CP (Child Porn) is not allowed. For any abuse or communication, please write to:
  • syst3k@anonymail.tech
  • syst3k@fuacantanj2vhfpw.onion (accepting from all onion mail services)