Welcome to UnionIRC (a Darknet Project service!)


Webchat is supportnig SSL. You can also embed the webchat, pointing directly to your favourite channel, into your site.

Connecting UnionIRC by i2p domain: unionirc.i2p
This is the IRC details to create an IRC tunnel from your i2p consolle, and connect to UnionIRC using the i2p proxy.

First of all, please, save unionirc.i2p into your rounter:
Recommended to use the base64 address for both: router and irc tunnel creation.
Create a new IRC tunnel as client, and set the following:
When done, start it. When status icon becomes green, open your IRC client, create a new connection with the following:
  • server: -or- localhost
  • port: 6660
For any problem, use the webchat, and join the #dnp channel for help. See your left to know more info about the webchat