Welcome to UnionIRC (a Darknet Project service!)


Webchat is supportnig SSL. You can also embed the webchat, pointing directly to your favourite channel, into your site.

(this link pointing to the tor webchat)
Connecting UnionIRC by Tor Hidden Service: unionsoe3yw6fxaq.onion
UnionIRC serving under tor, accepts only tor connections. Port changes for who wish to connect by tor hidden services, this is the server info for clients:
  • Server: unionsoe3yw6fxaq.onion
  • Ports: 6661(plain text) -or- 9999(ssl)
If you are in trouble and need help in how to connect an irc client with a tor hidden service, you can enter our webchat, channel #dnp and ask for help.

Webchat is available here: