Tor VoIP is the future of Anonymous Communication and Cooperation.

TorVoIP is a powerfull free service available from DNP network. It allows users to make "calls" and "voice-chats" in a secure, anonymous and encrypted panorama completely under the Tor proxy layer.

How to connect to DNP VoIP Server?

To connect TorVoIP server, you just need to follow this 3 steps:
- Download the Mumble client from the original site.
- After installation, set the mumble client to works properly with the tor proxy *
- Once done, just click here: mumble://army5upsnqx4pvuc.onion:64738

That's All! Enjoy!

* [To set the Tor Proxy working with the mumble client: Go to Settings, fill the box "advanced settings". In Network, set the following: SOCKS5, Hostname:, Port 9050(for linux) - 9150(for windows)]